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SVP : Veuillez noter que la Lutherie Lassonde est


Please note that Lutherie Lassonde is


All works are "custom-made" and are the result of the sum of materials chosen by the customer according to his means and his needs. I do not make a profit on materials and I do not count my time. I work with pleasure and passion rather than by mercantile need.
My perspective is to provide, to the extent possible, what the customer wants, at the best price, with the best quality possible and to reach a high artistic result.
For example, an electronic bass Midi needed $ 3,500 in materials. The total cost was $ 5000, but the work involved was simple.
In some cases, I offered discounts to customers who brought in another costumer. I even accepted "buy back", exchanges or instrument payments to cover repair costs for musicians in need ...
Submit me a project and I will evaluate the costs according to your needs and budget.

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